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Here at GoPower Ltd we want to change the way people think about electricity.  Many people are experiencing rising energy costs but when you think of going green you expect large costs that take year to recoupe.  However, many of today’s appliances are low energy for example, TV’s, LED lighting, Computer Monitors, Laptops all use very low current.  So why not consider taking part of your home or business off the grid.  The average home uses between 6-10 KWH per day of electric, with our solution you could take a quarter of this 1-2 KW off grid by using our Power Stations and Solar Panels.  

Power station, Solar Energy

A setup like the image above with a TV and LED lighting, could be run from one of our battery packs for 8-10 hours.  On a good sunny day your pack will recharge with 4-6 hours of sunshine.  This means you would in fact be running your entertainment with no running costs.  


We are currently developing a number of accessories to go with our kits including 12V lights like the one in the image above.  These use 12V bulbs that look just like conventional bulbs but use even less energy as they are not converting 240V supplies.  



A similar example to the one above could be your home office. if you run two monitors, a laptop plus some LED lighting you would be able to run this for 7-10 hours and this could be extended with your solar charge.  

Solar Panels

Our portable solar panels can be set up just outside of any room and we are currently developing cables to run through a window so installation doesn’t need to be permanent. If you were to use multiple solar arrays, this could also speed up charging, allowing you to use more energy for longer.   

We would love to hear your thoughts about our products, please leave your comments in the box below.  If you wish to hear more about our products and keep in touch please fill out one of our contact forms and ask to be kept updated.