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Battery Power Packs

Battery Power Packs

Power wherever you need it

GoPower portable power station 1000W Power Pack 2000W peak, Ideal for Outdoor Camping, Travel, Emergency, Etc. Tablet Computer Refrigerator

High-Performance Battery – The GoPower portable power station is equipped automotive grade LiFePO4 battery, which offers a longer lifespan 6 times more than other batteries. LiFePO4 battery offers portable power stations with 3000 cycles and over 10 years of battery health.

Long-Lasting Capacity – The 1280Wh (400000mAh) large-capacity battery increases the battery capacity by 28% compared with the ordinary power station 1000w.
Built-in Battery: 1280WH LiFePo4
Charging Power: Solar – 210W, AC – 250W, Car Charging – 12V/10A
Continuous Power: 1000W
Peak Power: 2000W
Output Ports

2 X AC outlets 240 V 3 Pin BS standard sockets

3 X USB 3 Fast Charging Sockets

1 X USB type C 60W output

1 X Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 12V 10A

2 X 12V DC outlets 12V/10A

Box Material: Aluminium for better strength

Dimensions: 290mm x 258mm x 210mm

Weight: 14Kg

Certificates: CE, FCC, ETL,PSE, UN38.3,MSD

From £899

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

200w portable solar panel with integrated high density monocrystalline solar panel with ETFE polymer integrated housing and IPX4 waterproof

200W finished solar panel size specification (cutting process: machine cutting)

Unfolded length: 1965 ±0.25mm

Expanded width: 616 ±0.25mm

Solar panel thickness: 4.0 ±0.3mm

Folded size: 530×616×45mm

Weight 7KG

Solar panel composition and material specifications

Solar panel component materials: composite materials, photovoltaic welding tape, solar cells, EVA, woven copper tape, ETFE film, laminated fabric, waterproof fabric on the back, cockle-eye buckle, sub-master screw buckle, gun black button, junction box

Composite material: 0.5mm

Solder tape: 0.6*0.18mm

Braided copper tape: 10×13/0.05

Solar cell: 0.18mm , 182-10BB monocrystalline solar cell

EVA: 0.45mm

ETFE: 0.02mm

Interlayer fabric: 0.3mm

Backing fabric: 0.4mm

Gun black cockle button: Inner diameter 10mm, outer diameter 16.5mm

Gunmetal screw buckle: shaft diameter 5mm, shaft length 4mm, cap diameter 9.5mm

Gun black button: face button diameter 15mm matching

Junction box: MC4 connector junction box, with diode (20SQ045), core 2.5cm2, wire length 0.9m

Bracket inside the hardened iron plate: 1.0mm


Encapsulation method and surface effect:

1. Encapsulation method: waterproof fabric + EVA + composite material + EVA + cell + laminated fabric + EVA + composite material + EVA + ETFE laminated package

2. Solar panel surface effect: front: glossy ETFE, back: waterproof fabric

3. The junction box is filled with silicone to ensure waterproof


Warranty period:

Component warranty period: 1 year.


Solar cell electrical performance test standard method and use environment

1. solar panel after lamination, mainly for its working power test.

2. solar radiation intensity:1000W/m2 or customer sample.

3. temperature:25℃.


5. atmospheric quality: AM1.5.


Use and storage environmental conditions

1. Storage conditions: room temperature, humidity not more than 60%.

2、Under the sun without shade outdoor environment use

3. Working environment temperature: -20℃~60℃

6. Solar panel dustproof and waterproof grade: IP65



From £299